Don't Let Pain Steal Your Day

No matter where you’re hurting, BC® Powder’s offers pain relief so you can keep on going.

To make sure pain doesn’t stop you from doing what you need to do, we’ve developed three formulas, original, cherry, and arthritis strength. Check them out below.

BC Cherry

New! Cherry Flavor

Now you can get the same pain relief in a great Cherry flavor in a convenient single dose packet to make it even easier to take.

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BC Powder Original Formula

Original Formula

A new formula to our original pain medication, offering relief from headache, body pain and fever.

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BC Powder Original Formula

Arthritis Strength

A higher dose of our new BC® Powder pain reliever formula to stop arthritis pain fast.

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How Do You Take BC® Powder?

Do you shoot it, chase it or drink it? Find your style here.

How to Take BC® Powder